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History of Enfield Revue

Infomation on Enfield Revue, how it all started, and who was involved to bring it from its beginnings in 1984 to today.




How it all began...

Joe Gallagher
Honorary President

It was never envisaged that when a public meeting was initiated by Joe Gallagher in the autumn of 1983 and held in Enfield hall for the purpose of forming a local variety group, later known as Enfield Revue, that such group would still be going strong to the present day. From the attendance of approx. 100 people a committee was formed and Enfield Revue variety show was born. A report in the Midland Topic of the 10th May 1984 outlines the names of the new committee, content of the forthcoming show and the number of people involved. The first Revue was staged over consecutive weekends, a total of five performances ,and was a huge success.

In its very first production, titled Enfield Revue 84, showcased on stage local talent  through music, song, dance and comedy complimented by talented backing singers and orchestra. The very colorful costumes, props and lighting effects were all from the hands of experienced costume designers, makeup artists, painters, carpenters and electricians. The same ethos still applies today.

Fuelled and spurred by the success of the very first Revue we were on the way and thousands of people of all age groups have enjoyed and continue to enjoy our annual extravaganza. Enfield Revue was not immune from hiccup, because in 2001 our show was cancelled because of the foot and mouth scare.

After our 2002 show Enfield Revues annual production had now ceased, no shows in 2003, 2004, 2005 or 2006. All was not lost, in 2007 on the suggestion of Kenny Davey it was revived and sprung into life once again. The talented Kenny Davy, as chairman, steered the Revue from its reincarnation and is now again an annual event staged in the Hamlet Court Hotel, Johnstown bridge, Co. Kildare. Enfield Revue committee would like to acknowledge with thanks the courtesy shown, the facilities on offer and the assistance by the members of the O'Neill family and their staff.

To the many cast members both old and new, to our many choreographers and to all floor staff, Thank You. Taken part or helping in that first production were Lena Heffernan, John Heffernan, Hilary Heffernan, Jean Keogh, Jimmy Keogh, Seamus Murray, John McCloskey and Brian O'Donoghue. I am delighted to state that they are still associated with Revue in their respected capacities.

We remember with sadness all those who were involved with Enfield Revue who have now passed on. May they rest in peace

Enfield Revue would not be the success it is for so long  without the support we receive
in our fundraising  activities, sponsorship, show attendances  and voluntary assistance.
We also extend our thanks to all the media outlets, both press and radio. To local community 
magazines and to our churches and schools many thanks.
Membership to Enfield Revue Society is open to anybody over 14 yrs old and is not confined to the local area. If you wish to take part either on stage, back stage, set design, floor staff, security, painting etc. contact 085 7498386 or also find us on facebook.

I wish to congratulate everybody involved in this great activity which serves as a channel for community and individual  comradeship as they produce the very best in an  amateur  variety show  year after year.




It would be amiss of Enfield Revue Society not to give an appreciative mention to the following people who were present with us in their various voluntary capacities at the very first performance of the Revue in 1984. These people are still with us.

Enfield Revue would never be the success it is today without the talent and commitment from people like the aforementioned and to everybody involved from the early days to the present. Thanks to our appreciative audiences and valued sponsors and to everybody who participated in our shows we hope you enjoyed it.

Continue to enjoy.

Joseph Gallagher
Honorary President Enfield Revue Society.