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Enfield Revue Online !

Well after a strong comeback for Revue 2007 we thought we better keep the engines running while everyone was still on board. We decided to build the new web site which will, over the coming year, contain photos and information on past productions and much more. If you have any ideas please email us.

Enfield Revue 2007 - A Roaring Success

We would like to thank everyone who made Enfield Revue 2007 a great success. Not everyone realises the amount of work involved in staging a production like Enfield Revue.

Although we are an amateur production, the road to the opening night is paved by a large crew of professionals. From electricians, carpenters, plumbers, to marketing, seamstresses, caterers and many many more from all areas of local society, kindly donating their time to dig in and get The Show on the road. Revue would also not be possible if it wasn't for the kind generosity of local sponsorship.

If you have any photos, info or comments you would like to add to please email them to

Interested in Dancing, Singing, Music, Comedy, Set Painting, Production,back stage, etc...?
Would you like to be contacted when the next production of Enfield Revue is due to start? Click here to send an email with your name, email address, phone number and what area of Revue 2008 you would be interested in joining in .


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